Policies & Procedures

The Club’s Executive Committee acknowlerdges its responsibilities under legislation to safeguard, so far is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of those using the club’s facilities, participating in sailing events, and attending activities organised by the Club, both onshore and afloat. The Club’s Executive Committee also recognises and accepts the responsibility to provide and maintain safe working conditions and a healthy environment for its employees. This is described in the Warsash Sailing Club Health and Safety Policy document.

In order to meet the Club’s health and safety obligations, the Commodore has issued the Club’s Health and Safety Policy Statement which calls up the following inidividual policy documents and forms approved by the Executive Committee, that apply within WSC:

Accidents and First Aid HS100 – First Aid
Fire Safety HS101 – Fire Safety, drills and handling a fire
Moving and Handling HS102 – Moving and Handling
COSSH HS103 – Care of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSSH)
Risk Assessment HS104 – Risk Assessment
Accident / Incident Reporting HS106 – Incidents, Accidents and near miss incidents
Contractors Arrangements HS107 – Contractors Arrangements
Electrical Safety HS108 – Electrical Safety
Sailing HS109 – Afloat Activities
Accident or Injury Report Form SF100
Immediate Action/Reporting Schematic
Risk Assessment Form SF1000

In addition the executive committee has issued a Health and Safety Summary document that highlights key Health and Safety responsibilites within the club.

These documents are subject to version control and it is intended that they be improved incrementally with use and experience. Please refer any queries, deficiencies or suggested improvements the Honorary Secretary

Safeguarding Policy